shells/zsh links to devel/ncurses

Alexander Kojevnikov alexander at
Sun Mar 6 03:27:18 UTC 2011

On 4 March 2011 18:56, Baptiste Daroussin <bapt at> wrote:
> Here is a patch loosely based on that should fix the
> situation (add USE_NCURSES=yes to the corresponding Makefiles)

Thanks Bapt!

I tested it on shells/zsh and www/lynx.

For zsh, USE_NCURSES forced it to use /lib/ but
devel/ncurses we still added as a dependency (pkg_delete would not
delete zsh without the -f option)

For lynx, USE_NCURSES made no difference, it still linked
/usr/local/lib/ and /usr/local/lib/
devel/ncurses was also added as a dependency.

I guess in both cases it should link to /lib/ and no
dependency should be added.


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