PHP52 vulnerability

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at
Thu Mar 3 20:21:50 UTC 2011

I question the vulnerability.  I don't think it applies.  the alert is 
from 2006, and there isn't a POC I have tested against php52- 5.2.17 
with nulls in it that seems to trigger anything but 404 errors.
(please don't try on ours...  this is not a challenge. but if you have a 
POC, let me know and _I_ will try it)

so, php 5.3? big differences!  BIG.  look at /usr/ports/UPDATING to 
see.  php_ini needs changes also.

On 3/3/11 3:09 PM, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Is there any news on the horizon?
> Will a new version be released and/or the port updated?
> Any possible patch?

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