Michal Varga varga.michal at
Wed Mar 2 18:02:30 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 18:12 +0100, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
> OK, I have nailed down the source of the problem. GEGL has an optional
> dependency on graphics/exiv2 which is not tracked by the port, i.e.
> exiv2 is not built as a dependency of the port, and GEGL doesn't rely on
> it if it doesn't find it. It turns out that the failing C module
> (exp_combine.c) is only compiled when EXIV is found.
> Thus, on a fresh system (i.e., tinderbox) the error won't appear. It
> will, however, on a system where EXIV is installed.
> Please check whether you have graphics/exiv2 installed in your system to
> confirm this hypothesis.
> I have still not decided whether to include exiv2 as a mandatory or
> optional dependency, cause configure doesn't handle --without-exiv2
> correctly when exiv2 is installed (i.e., GEGL will be built with EXIV
> support in that case).
> Thanks for the hints, and sorry for the noise.

I see, this is pretty sneaky, there's hardly a reason for you to
apologize. Yes, I do have exiv2 installed, so that would explain (as
others already reported).

By the way - as for the mandatory dependency (though I personally am
always in favor of those - makes things unified and easier to maintain),
I'd say an optional dependency would fare better with the rest of the
current gegl options (optional JPEG, etc). So making exiv2 optional and
patching configure to handle it properly would be the cleanest approach,
I guess? I've quickly checked configure and the detection looks pretty
ordinary as it is now, but atm I don't have enought time to trace it
over every single step, so who knows... Might be just a case of typo
somewhere in there?


Michal Varga,
Stonehenge (Gmail account)

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