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Wed Mar 2 17:32:07 UTC 2011

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 06:12:40PM +0100, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
> OK, I have nailed down the source of the problem. GEGL has an optional
> dependency on graphics/exiv2 which is not tracked by the port, i.e.
> exiv2 is not built as a dependency of the port, and GEGL doesn't rely on
> it if it doesn't find it. It turns out that the failing C module
> (exp_combine.c) is only compiled when EXIV is found.
> Thus, on a fresh system (i.e., tinderbox) the error won't appear. It
> will, however, on a system where EXIV is installed.
> Please check whether you have graphics/exiv2 installed in your system to
> confirm this hypothesis.
> I have still not decided whether to include exiv2 as a mandatory or
> optional dependency, cause configure doesn't handle --without-exiv2
> correctly when exiv2 is installed (i.e., GEGL will be built with EXIV
> support in that case).
> Thanks for the hints, and sorry for the noise.

exiv is installed on my system and I had the problem. So it seems your
hypothesis may be correct.

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