Call for testers -- CONF_FILES variable

Chris Rees crees at
Wed Jun 29 20:24:51 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I've rewritten the CONF_FILES handling after talking to bapt@, and
I've done away with the
colon-separated tuples -- they're overcomplicated.

The result is something like MAN and PORTDOCS (indeed most of the code
is stolen from PORTDOCS).

This means that shell globs, filenames and directories are specified
in CONF_FILES, but the sample file is installed in the Makefile as

Examples for MailScanner [1] show how it can replace huge trees of
config files, and for portscout [2] shows how it is used for just one

Look at how much has been removed from the MailScanner plist and
pkg-* files -- there are three screens of unused functions
that could also be chopped out now too!

I'm asking people to (if they want) try out the new variable, and let
me know what they like and don't like about it.

Since bapt@ is sort of sponsoring this and isn't back for ~ two weeks
it won't make it in before then at least, but some testing and
feedback would be fantastic!



P.S. Before people complain about the pkgconf suffix, that is for
compatibility with pkgng, and no, .sample files are not going to be
supported -- they'll need to be installed as .pkgconf. Sorry.

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