php5-5.3.6_1 with Segmentation fault (amd64)

Steven Hartland killing at
Wed Jun 29 09:33:59 UTC 2011

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From: "Alex Dupre" <ale at>
> The issue is very complex, it depends on many factors (FreeBSD version, 
> calling program, extensions loaded, ports options, etc.). In short 
> words, dlopening and dlclosing libthr is bad. The final and definitive 
> solution would be a libc including libthr (if I'm not wrong there was a 
> plan to do it). A less drastic solution would be to link to libthr every 
> program that dlopen() uncontrolled libraries (i.e. apache, php, etc.). 
> I've already proposed this change, but was considered too risky at that 
> time. So, for now, you have to live with the LINKTHR php option that 
> does its best to make all happy.

We'll I've not managed to get a working php from the default settings
for a while now. Even core php requires libxml which is using libthr
so I would suggest LINKTHR needs to be set by default. 


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