php5-5.3.6_1 with Segmentation fault (amd64)

Alex Dupre ale at
Wed Jun 29 07:33:16 UTC 2011

Steven Hartland ha scritto:
> Rebuild with threads enabled, will likely fix all your problems.

That's correct.

> Why the default is off I don't know but it conflicts with a
> number of the main libs used e.g. libxml hence causing segvs
> just as you described.

The issue is very complex, it depends on many factors (FreeBSD version, 
calling program, extensions loaded, ports options, etc.). In short 
words, dlopening and dlclosing libthr is bad. The final and definitive 
solution would be a libc including libthr (if I'm not wrong there was a 
plan to do it). A less drastic solution would be to link to libthr every 
program that dlopen() uncontrolled libraries (i.e. apache, php, etc.). 
I've already proposed this change, but was considered too risky at that 
time. So, for now, you have to live with the LINKTHR php option that 
does its best to make all happy.

Alex Dupre

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