Spamassassin vs Perl

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sat Jun 25 08:48:43 UTC 2011


> > > > Did you run perl-after-upgrade command after update?
> I assume that short of a full rebuild nothing helps if the perl
> version increases. This is a bit painful 8-(
> How can one reconstruct a good dependency tree of all perl related ports
> which allows to cleanly rebuild them all ?
> portupgrade -fr perl seems to have issues, as well.
> I'll start one and report back.

After an portupgrade -fr perl run, I still have approx. 4200 files
in /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.14.0.

This is a huge amount of files, much larger than I expected.

What went wrong ? I can provide a copy of the portupgrade -fr perl run.

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