[ANNOUNCE]: clang compiling ports

Vitaly Magerya vmagerya at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 16:55:18 UTC 2011

Hi, Roman. Can you specify what environment and which make options
where used? I'm somewhat confused because of log [1]: the Makefile
basically does the compiling this way:

    ${MAKE} PROG=lemon NOMAN=1 NO_MAN=1 \
        CFLAGS="-g ${CFLAGS}" \
        -f /usr/share/mk/bsd.prog.mk

Since bsd.prog.mk does respect CC, and the log says that "cc" was
invoked, it must follow that CC is "cc" (or empty). What am I missing?

[1] http://pointyhat.freebsd.org/errorlogs/amd64-errorlogs/e.9-exp.20110616185105/lemon-1.69.log

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