Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Jun 20 11:06:06 UTC 2011

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/158061            New ports: net-im/sofia-sip and net-im/telepathy-sofia
o ports/158044            Multiple net/iaxmodem instances started
o ports/158036            database/py-redis: [2.2.4] this port don't actually in
f ports/158031            [patch] security/snort to add SSL support to MySQL con
o ports/158020            deprecate net-p2p/gift and dependent ports
o ports/158005            [maintainer update] graphics/cfdg: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2
o ports/158001            new port: www/p5-Apache2-SiteControl, Perl web site au
o ports/157991            [MAINTAINER] palm/jpilot: update to 1.8.1
o ports/157987            [new port] databases/delayed_job_data_mapper
o ports/157979            security/py-fail2ban fails 2 ban since update of June,
o ports/157949            [PATCH] devel/php5-Ice: update to 3.4.2
o ports/157948            [PATCH] devel/py27-Ice: update to 3.4.2
f ports/157947            [PATCH] devel/Ice: update to 3.4.2
f ports/157876            [patch] fix REQUIRE in net/gateway6 's rc.d script
o ports/157842            [NEW PORT] devel/py27-pythonbrew: Python Environment m
o ports/157840            [NEW PORT] net-im/py-turpial, and Twitter cl
f ports/157807            security/sshguard-ipfw fails to work with -b option
o ports/157791            audo/midimountain fails to copy all xpm files and fail
o ports/157738            New port: net/py-ldaptor
o ports/157735            [new port] deskutils/virt-manager: Toolkit to interact
o ports/157719            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-CheckPing: Provides nagios
o ports/157715            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-libvirt: Provides monitori
f ports/157707            [PATCH] update of x11-fonts/terminus-font
o ports/157703            New port: devel/git-annex Manage file heirarchies with
o ports/157697            [new port] net-mgmt/virtinst: Module to help in starti
o ports/157695            [new port] net-mgmt/virt-viewer: Provides a graphical 
o ports/157654            New port: textproc/libsphinxclient C++ client library 
o ports/157645            [maintainer update] net/bird additional patches
o ports/157628            [patch] www/red5 remove user data while reinstalling u
o ports/157551            New port: multimedia/umplayer - A modern front-end for
o ports/157505            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-DeviceSearch: Provides the
o ports/157504            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-NetApp: Provides monitorin
o ports/157503            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-InterfaceGraphs: Provides 
f ports/157494            lang/ezm3 fails to compile
o ports/157459            config error with lang/guile 1.8.6_6
f ports/157458            lang/guile: configure: error: libltdl not found.  See 
o ports/157426            New port: sysutils/fusefs-rar2fs Mount rar archives as
o ports/157415            New port: games/openssn Submarine simulator
o ports/157301            [New port] net-mgmt/zbxlog: Syslog server receives mes
o ports/157282            [MAINTAINER PATCH] net/xrdp: effective login name is n
o ports/157242            Updating port sysutils/swapexd for legacy compatibilit
o ports/157212            japanese/font-alias: use shell instead of perl for pkg
o ports/157197            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-deviceAdvDetail:  Provides
o ports/157196            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-DellMon: Provides addition
o ports/157194            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-NtpMonitor: Monitors the o
o ports/157191            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-MACReport: Lists MAC addre
o ports/157176            [patch] sysutils/heartbeat crashes when clock_t (signe
o ports/157172            [NEW PORT] devel/libunistring: Unicode string library
o ports/157149            [MAINTAINER] databases/tuning-primer: Resolve file fet
f ports/157137            audio/glurp: updates to 0.12.3
o ports/157136            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-Domain: Provides expiratio
o ports/157135            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-DellMonitor: Provides Zeno
o ports/157133            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-ApacheMonitor: Provides pe
o ports/157130            net-mgmt/collectd BIND plugin dependency check is inva
f ports/157109            conflict between net/netpipes and sysutils/timelimit
f ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o ports/157100            New port: audio/umurmur - Newest version of the minima
o ports/157098            [PATCH] multimedia/mplayer: Add USE_NCURSES=yes
o ports/157077            New port: mail/sieve-connect - Command-line client for
f ports/157044            x11-toolkits/slgtk: fails to start
o ports/157031            [NEW PORT] devel/py27-minimongo: Minimal database Mode
f ports/157021            multimedia/mplayer: does not build with multimedia/lib
o ports/157014            devel/jam: does not compile on FreeBSD 9.0 CURRENT/amd
o ports/157000            fix port games/alephone-data
o ports/156998            [patch] new version of graphics/xnview is available
f ports/156988            net-mgmt/nagios: Please add IPv6 support
o ports/156984            www/analog doesn't recognize Chrome browser type prope
o ports/156982            [MAINTAINER] mail/mail-notification: unbreak evolution
f ports/156947            [PATCH] net/activemq: update to 5.5.0
o ports/156934            fix port games/alephone-scenarios
o ports/156926            security/openssh-portable port/pkg doesn't recognize i
o ports/156896            Update of games/megaglest-data
o ports/156895            Update for games/megaglest
o ports/156876            update to comms/uarduno port for 9.0-CURRENT
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/156833            games/fairymax: O-Flags option and preparing change in
o ports/156828            New port: databases/py-sqlparse A non-validating SQL p
f ports/156827            Port audio/pianobar:    needs the snapshot updated fro
o ports/156791            New port: security/py-kerberos Python bindings for ker
f ports/156786            [PATCH] databases/jrrd: update to 1.0.4
f ports/156785            [PATCH] net/jicmp: update to 1.0.12
o ports/156776            net-mgmt/collectd in current ports will not build with
o ports/156757            New port: security/belier: easily cross several machin
f ports/156747            multimedia/mplayer: fix 24-bits OSS + some improvement
o ports/156737            [patch] www/squid31: startup script fixes to 
f ports/156629            [patch] sysutils/puppet patch to use PACKAGEROOT inste
o ports/156615            Please update sysutils/fusefs-ntfs
f ports/156555            [PATCH] net-mgmt/nagiosql: update to 3.1.1 (superseed 
o ports/156539            [NEW PORT] print/frescobaldi: A music score editor for
o ports/156495            [NEW PORT] audio/mscore: MuseScore music notation prog
o ports/156472            [new port] devel/ocaml-react - OCaml library for react
o ports/156398            [NEW PORT] net/ssspl: A Simple Socks Server for Perl
f ports/156376            [PATCH] graphics/optipng: update to 0.6.5
o ports/156362            New port: games/rftg Race for the Galaxy AI
o ports/156343            multimedia/xbmc 10.1_1 mp3 playback problem - CALSADir
o ports/156313            [patch][new port] astro/gkrellsun2 (Gkrellm2 Plugin)
o ports/156291            New port: audio/pure-audio - a digital audio interface
o ports/156289            New port: graphics/pure-gl - Pure language interface t
o ports/156252            New port: devel/radar Opensource tools to disasm, debu
f ports/156171            port multimedia/mplayer patch-libao2-ao_oss.c is incor
o ports/156161            [NEW PORT] devel/serdisplib: Library to drive graphica
o ports/156143            New port: devel/arduino-mk: Build Arduino sketches fro
o ports/156119            x11-fonts/font-manager: ignore a problem caused by the
o ports/156103            new ports: lots of bindings for the Pure language (tex
o ports/156075            [new port] graphics/openfst: library for constructing,
f ports/156034            print/lyx-devel spell checking with enchant does not w
o ports/156002            New port: sysutils/pefs-kmod kernel level stacked cryp
f ports/155941            mwserv library support is not included in
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
o ports/155875            hungarian/hunspell misfiled under "ports/hungarian"
o ports/155788            ports security/cfsd startup -- multiple problems
f ports/155697            ports-mgmt/pkg_replace doesn't want to replace java/op
o ports/155593            lang/mpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC fil
f ports/155592            polish/ekg, after polish/libgadu update, contacts are 
f ports/155547            java/jboss5 port build failure
o ports/155538            new port devel/radlib radlib developer library. Event-
o ports/155456            security/openssh-portable fails to compile with LPK en
f ports/155404            [PATCH] mail/mutt-devel: doesn't build in presence of 
f ports/155356            audio/xwave changed master site
o ports/155344            New port: irc/inspircd12
f ports/155306            multimedia/openshot doesn't work
o ports/155225            plz split antlr2 and antlr3 ports. not update antlr2 -
o ports/155166            update deskutils/org-mode.el to 7.4
f ports/155143            /usr/ports/irc/unreal  - Unreal IRCD runs as root by d
f ports/155120            Update of port devel/php-libawl
o ports/155116            new port: devel/antlr2-python-runtime, ANTLR v2 python
f ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/155070            NEW PORT: games/CastleVox - new fast strategy board ga
o ports/155064            New port: devel/stringtemplate, a java lib for text fo
a ports/155062            Port update: devel/antlr
o ports/154995            [NEW PORT] audio/umurmur: Minimalistic Murmur (Mumble 
f ports/154973            [PATCH] security/ike: fix plist when QTGUI=off, respec
f ports/154902            [patch] Port devel/libedit: added libedit.pc for gnome
f ports/154765            [NEW PORT] games/ghost++: Warcraft 3 game hosting bot
o ports/154730            security/openssh-portable is 5.2
o ports/154711            security/heimdal: kadmin: hdb_open: hdb_open failed in
f ports/154682            net/iaxmodem: add rc script for running more than 1 ia
o ports/154548            textproc/pootle: Pootle's rc.d script don't take into 
f ports/154546            update port: games/gemrb to version 0.6.3
f ports/154431            [patch] ports/Tools/scripts: python scripts use bad sh
o ports/154401            New port: www/jetty7 - newer fork by Eclipse/Codehaus
o ports/154285            [NEW PORT] java/netty: Java NIO client server framewor
o ports/154254            [patch] asmail imap login broken with gmail at al.
f ports/154217            New port: ports-mgmt/portsreinstall
o ports/154202            New port: security/scannedonly - A Samba VFS virus sca
f ports/154194            net/freeswitch: update portversion and remove portrevi
o ports/154031            New port: audio/shoutcast2: SHOUTcast Distributed Netw
o ports/153926            New port net/freeswitch-snapshot
o ports/153810            [PATCH] Fix usb_interrupt_read() in devel/libusb for f
f ports/153733            [patch] emulators/visualboyadvance-m: problem with joy
f ports/153715            net/freeradius: FreeRADIUS exiting with Signal 11 on F
f ports/153645            Update ports: emulators/mame update to v0.141
f ports/153612            Update devel/arm-elf-binutils to version 2.17
f ports/153607            Update devel/djgpp-binutils to version 2.17
o ports/153503            Patch to add PostgreSQL health check to net/haproxy
o ports/153473            [patch] mail/courier port upgrade from 0.63.0 to 0.65.
o ports/153452            New port: science/py-ws2300 A driver for the LaCrosse 
o ports/153429            [patch] Fix explicite uses of unzip in ports
f ports/153425            [PATCH] www/limesurvey: Added a switch to use PostgreS
o ports/153422            [NEW PORT] databases/memcacheq-0.2.0: Simple queue ser
f ports/153287            [PATCH] net-mgmt/ndpmon: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/153263            [NEW PORT] databases/percona-server: Multithreaded SQL
f ports/153148            change port: deskutils/x-tile A tiling application for
o ports/153130            sysutils/k3b: problem with k3b and mounting ntfs with 
o ports/152982            [patch] net/nss_ldap, ignore option nss_initgroups_ign
f ports/152915            russian/xmms v. 1.2.11_12 don't see cdinfo and tag's i
f ports/152669            no work innodb (databases/mariadb)
o ports/152453            textproc/urlview port should install optional
o ports/152376            New port: audio/lastfmsubmitd
f ports/152304            sysutils/fcron: illegal instruction 4
o ports/152236            [patch] x11/slim: Enable pam support, add hald and dbu
s ports/152195            [PATCH] deskutils/pinot update to xapian-core 1.2.3
f ports/152192            [PATCH] databases/xapian-bindings update to 1.2.3
o ports/152191            [PATCH] databases/xapian-core update to 1.2.3
o ports/152118            New port: deskutils/linux-tahometer A worktime trackin
o ports/152109            New port: x11/keylaunch2    A fork of keylaunch that a
f ports/152045            New port: www/links-hacked browser with tricks for tab
f ports/151930            [PATCH] net-mgmt/netams links to libmysqlclient/libpq 
o ports/151837            [patch] sysutils/bsdstats : does honor BATCH when inst
f ports/151783            mail/fetchmail: rc.d script broken in case of MDA use
f ports/151774            [new port] sysutils/pprotectd
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
f ports/151689            dns/rbldnsd does not use preassigned UID/GIDs
f ports/151637            Update port: security/maia Much needed updates for Per
f ports/151467            New port: sysutils/autojump acts as a complement to cd
f ports/151431            Update to include ZFS module in sysutils/grub2-1.98
f ports/151296            [patch] ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod build fails: MNT_NF
o ports/150883            Ports games/openastromenace won't compile on 64 bit
f ports/150783            mail/qpopper: fails to configure ocasionally
o ports/150542            [new port]: sysutils/createrepo
o ports/150493            Update for: security/openssh-portable port from 5.2p1 
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
o ports/150361            [patch] provide script to bind with nautilus for multi
f ports/150316            new port: net/neatx
o ports/150287            [patch] Segfault: games/spider crashes after 51 moves
f ports/150235            sysutils/smartmontools build system bug
o ports/150194            There is no startup script for databases/cassandra
f ports/150169            www/havp: Assertion failed: file llvm/lib/System/Mutex
o ports/150086            [NEW PORT] net-im/tkabber-plugins-devel: External Plug
f ports/149947            [NEW PORT] devel/smartCVS, a powerful graphical CVS cl
o ports/149564            patch for various games/ adding appropriate LICENSEs t
o ports/149538            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs panic on writte on 8.1
f ports/148871            bad packages: p5-XML-Parser-2.36_1 p5-XML-SAX-Expat-0.
o ports/148605            security/ipsec-tools rc.d/racoon startup script fails 
o ports/148415            new port: devel/libsysinfo, GNU libc's sysinfo port fo
f ports/148027            New port: graphics/ramenhdr, node based video composit
f ports/147943            New port: net/radsecproxy Radsecproxy is a generic RAD
o ports/147847            audio/zynaddsubfx mxml error when opening instruments
s ports/147829            Improved net/ucarp startup script: multiple VHID and F
s ports/147169   Adding GEM_ARGS
o ports/144597            security/openssh-portable fails to compile with KERBER
f ports/143938            [NEW PORTS] textproc/linux-f10-ibus-qt et al.: Linux v
o ports/143566            sysutils/diskcheckd runs constantly when using gmirror
o ports/142824            [patch] security/openssh-portable: add VersionAddendum
f ports/139203            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot more careful patch not depen
o ports/137378            Advisory locks fail with ports/security/cfs on FreeBSD
o ports/133563            security/cfs rc script needs "mntudp" option on 8-CURR
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
o ports/122333            net/arping - patch to lookup for interface and src ip,
s ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil

220 problems total.

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