Ports that break with "WITH_MYSQL_VER= 52" (i.e., mariadb)

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 8 05:19:53 UTC 2011


Recently I split the mariadb port into -client and -server versions. My 
next step was going to be adding support for this to bsd.databases.mk, 
but it turns out that it's already there, cleverly hidden behind:
.if (${MYSQL_VER} == "52")

So I tested some stuff setting "WITH_MYSQL_VER= 52" in /etc/make.conf, 
including INDEX building, and I got 8 errors, in 2 categories. The first 
are ports that set a direct dependency such as this:

That fails when MYSQL_VER= 52 since there is no such port directory. I 
*think* (and please forgive me if I'm wrong) that these can be fixed by 
changing that dependency to:

USE_MYSQL=	server

and/or eliminating the specific dependency when that's already set. If 
I'm wrong, please feel free to suggest the correct solution. :)

The other category of problems is a direct dependency on:

As far as I can see this one can/should be solved by adding a slave port 
for databases/p5-DBD-mysql52, which I just did.

I'd really like to see mariadb become a first-class provider for mysql, 
and it seems that we're really close to making that happen.

mysql${MYSQL_VER}-server errors:

p5-DBD-mysql52 errors:


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