GPC 2006 (Pascal) -- deprecated or "expired"??

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Sun Jun 5 02:36:31 UTC 2011

On 04.06.2011 18:27, Doug Barton wrote:
> The math on this is simple, there are maintainers willing to do the 
> work, or not.
It does not matter, whether there are any such maintainers, /if there is 
no work to do/. Neither lang/gpc nor databases/db2 (for one more 
example) required a maintainer at all, when they got "pre-emptively" 
> Rehashing the arguments about how nice it would be to keep every port 
> in the universe isn't going to get us anywhere. 
Every port in the universe (interestingly, all of them happened to be in 
the Solar system), /that continues to build through changes in the base 
OS/. That's quite achievable -- in fact, we had just that until fairly 


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