xf86-video-ati 6.14.0 crashes System

Julien Laffaye jlaffaye at freebsd.org
Sun Feb 27 16:45:32 UTC 2011

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 4:39 PM, Heino Tiedemann
<rotkaps_spam_trap at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi There,
> after update tu the new xorg on my FreeBSD8 my system crashes all time
> I start X.
> There is no mouse responding (no light in the mouse), the screen turns
> black and the system is not respondig by keybord.
> There is only a way out by hard-reset.
> The advice in UPDATING makes no fifference:
>     "Section "Device""
>       Option "int10" "on"
>       Option "BusType" "PCIE"
>       Option "RenderAccel" "on"
>       Option "AccelMethod" "exa"
>       Option "DynamicPM" "on"
>       Option "DRI" "on"
> System: FreeBSD 8.2-PRERELEASE #0: Thu Feb  3 23:46:34 CET 2011
> Video-Card:
> drm0: <ATI Radeon AR 9600 XT> on vgapci0
> info: [drm] AGP at 0xf4000000 64MB
> info: [drm] Initialized radeon 1.31.0 20080613
> info: [drm] Setting GART location based on new memory map
> info: [drm] Loading R300 Microcode
> info: [drm] Num pipes: 1
> info: [drm] writeback test succeeded in 1 usecs
> The old driver works fine: xf86-video-ati613-6.13.2
> Are trhere any logs arround, if the System freezes?

Look into /var/logs/Xorg.0.log

FYI, I had the same problem. Try to update your ports tree and rebuild
the driver to see if it fix the problem. (some files were commited
after the big xorg commit because they were forgotten). If you built
your video driver without the patches, it may be the origin of your

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