ath9k driver

b. f. bf1783 at
Sat Feb 26 02:19:42 UTC 2011

>I am looking for the FreeBSD equivalent of the ath9k driver that comes with

>Can't find it between the ports on you're website and Google gives (as
>results) plenty of people looking for the same thing I am, just no
>(definitive) answer.

>Do you happen to know if this driver has been ported to FreeBSD?

Some, but not all, of the driver's functionality is available in
ath(4).  [Some of the earliest (partially-)open-source Atheros support
started in FreeBSD, but the Linux drivers borrowed from this, and
offer more features at the moment.] There is work being done to add
more in -CURRENT -- see, for example:

The freebsd-current and freebsd-mobile mailing lists are better for this topic.


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