Request for ports review.

arrowdodger 6yearold at
Wed Feb 23 16:17:38 UTC 2011

Hello, ports at . I've prepared an update for ANTLR-related ports and want for
someone's comments on my work, before i create PR.

Current version of devel/antlr port is 2.7.7, it's latest version from v2
branch. I've updated this port to latest 3.3 version, which also contains
2.7.7 for backwards compatability.
Since there was no MAINTINER, i've wrote myself.

Current version of devel/antlrworks is 1.3.1, while latest is 1.4.2. This
port doesn't depend on devel/antlr because antlrworks.jar already contains
antlr.jar. I could've hack build.xml so it would use antlr from ports, but
this bring dependency on apache-ant. So, i've taken easiest way.

New port devel/antlr2-python-runtime is providing functionality of PYTHON
option from old antlr port. The reason i created new port for this is that
program which uses antlr-generated code depends only on runtime library and
not on antlr itself. So it frees end user from having giant java dependency.
Current problem with this port - it cannot be installed into non-default
PREFIX because of magick.

devel/stringtemplate is a java library for generating formatting text. It's
oftenly used within antlr grammars, but can be used as standalone java

.shar's can be obtained from attachments, or here:

Thanks in advance.

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