webspace for libbluray and libaacs required

Emanuel Haupt ehaupt at freebsd.org
Sun Feb 20 17:00:28 UTC 2011

Dominic Fandrey <kamikaze at bsdforen.de> wrote:
> During the last 2 days I have ported libbluray and libaacs to FreeBSD.
> Installing them and rebuilding mplayer or vlc should allow playing
> blu-ray disks with the following constraints:
> - mount_udf must be able to mount the disk or the data must be
>   copied to a hard disk by other means, first
> - The data must not be bd+ protected, the libbdplus source code
>   is not available to the public
> - If the data is AACS encrypted a key file with required keys
>   must be placed in ~/.dvdcss/KEYDB.cfg
> I don't have any blu-rays without bd+ restrictions, so all this is
> not tested.
> Currently I'm in need of webspace for the GIT snapshots to file
> a PR with the ports.

Hi Dominic

I'd be glad to offer webspace for a libbluray port on
MASTER_SITE_CRITICAL. I'd also like to get the port into the tree asap.
Let me know.

Feel free to ping me on freenode, EFnet.


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