b43-fwcutter port update to v13 [patch]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 21:34:31 UTC 2011

I diffed the source of b43-fwcutter, v12 to v13.
And also between v12 + fbsd port patches and v13 native.
It all looks clean, both compile, and v13 produces digest identical
output files to v12 + fbsd port when used as in the bwi and bwn
kmod ports.

The current fwcutter port can thus be bumped to v13.
Update Makefile, distinfo, pkg-descr, distfiles, etc.
Replace the entire patch set with these new native patches.
Update the requires for the bw{i,n}-firmware-kmod ports.

Can someone check and commit all this?

I bcc'd the fwcutter author for inclusion of the patch in the next
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