[patch] request for update of x11/nvidia-driver

Nikolaj Thygesen mailinglist at diamondbox.dk
Wed Feb 16 20:24:59 UTC 2011

On 02/16/2011 18:42, Emanuel Haupt wrote:
> Hi Alexey
> I'm running version 260.19.36 of x11/nvidia-driver for a while now
> without any problems. Could you please consider updating the port?
> I'm sure further feedback from other users would help.
> Emanuel

     I've been running that same version since it got out, and now when 
playing back videos either using xine or totem, the whole machine 
freezes/crashes perhaps one minute into the video. I should add that at 
the same time I updated the gfx card to a relatively new geforce 570, 
which may be part of the reason for the crashes. Switching to Compiz 
everything works ok.

     br - N :o)

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