FreeBSD Port: nrpe-2.12_3

Adam Bernstein adam at
Fri Feb 11 20:33:00 UTC 2011

Howdy.  I hope this is the right place to send a port bug report, but my 
apologies if not and I'll appreciate any redirection.

It looks to me like the nrpe2 port is partly ignoring the 
WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes directive in /etc/make.conf.  It does look in the 
right place during the dependencies check:

   ===>   nrpe-2.12_3 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/ - found

and during the configure stage it also looks in the right place for the 
header files:

   checking for SSL headers... SSL headers found in /usr/local

but it does *not* look in the right place for the library file:

   checking for SSL libraries... SSL libraries found in /usr/lib

I found I was able to force it to the right place by specifying the make 


but I think the need to do that indicates a bug in the portification, yes?

-FreeBSD 8.1
-nrpe-2.12_3 port
-openssl-1.0.0_4 port installed

Thanks much!

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