sysutils/cdrtools in i386 chroot on amd64

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Fri Feb 11 13:34:06 UTC 2011

I am trying to build all ports that I have installed in an i386 chroot 
environment on an amd64 machine. All work except for sysutils/cdrtools.

I have installed an i386 system to some directory, mounted a devfs to 
the devfs subdirectory, set "MACHINE=i386 ; UNAME_p=i386 ; UNAME_m=i386" 
and exported them, chrooted to the directory, and called 
"/etc/rc.d/ldconfig start".

sysutils/cdrtools fails with many errors as it still builds for amd64.

Is this expected? Should I do more to get an i386 environment? (I have 
tried to set ARCH and MACHINE_ARCH with no change.)

sysutils/cdrtools/Makefile mentions: "Hack to allow building with TARGET 
and TARGET_ARCH set in the environment as done by the release building 
scripts." This seems to be the problem as all the variables I set cannot 
have an effect. How can I work around that hack except for changing the 

Could the port detect if it is called from the release building scripts 
and only apply the hack in that case?

Jan Henrik

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