Request for new port review: TortoiseHG.

Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh sunpoet at
Thu Feb 10 14:34:02 UTC 2011

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 04:36:40PM +0300, arrowdodger wrote:
> I've updated port. The only thing left - setting dependency on py-gobject by
> USE_GNOME variable.
> But if i run pkg_info -f on installed port, i see:
> > Dependency: py26-gobject-2.26.0
> >         dependency origin: devel/py-gobject
> >
> So, maybe this dependency is implicit and i should not care?

Obviously USE_GNOME does not support devel/py-gobject now. All you can

Your pkg_info result indicates that you've installed gobject, but it
means nothing to users of this port. The ports infrastructure generates
dependency list according to the Makefile. If py-gobject is required,
add it to the corresponding *_DEPENDS explicitly. Otherwise gobject will
not be installed.

> Updated port can be obtained here:
> or from attachment.

Some comments:
- PORTNAME can be different with the path. PORTNAME=tortoisehg is OK.
- We usually use "USE_PYTHON=yes"
- It would be better to keep patches in *-patch: targets.
  Move "${REINPLACE_CMD}" actions to post-patch:.
- If this port does not need to run configure or so. Use

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