Onesided conflict: editors/ with devel/cppunit (=> editors/libreoffice)

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Thu Feb 10 13:30:12 UTC 2011

I just tried to reinstall editors/ after recently 
installing editors/libreoffice that pulled in devel/cppunit -- I could 
not, since editors/ conflicts with devel/cppunit.

Why is there a one-sided conflict? If editors/ and 
devel/cppunit really install files to the same location, both should 
conflict each other.

Which files are installed by both ports? Looking in 
/var/db/pkg/cppunit-1.12.1/+CONTENTS and 
/var/db/pkg/ on a machine that I still 
have both installed on, I cannot find any common files. Both ports are 
installed with default options. I only find the commit message from 
2010-Apr-1 of OOo adding the conflict, but it does not say which files 
and since pkg-plist is generated, I cannot find out if the conflict was 
resolved in the meantime.

It would make testing of editors/libreoffice difficult if you could not 
have it installed with editors/ at the same time.

Jan Henrik

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