Request for new port review: TortoiseHG.

arrowdodger 6yearold at
Tue Feb 8 11:40:58 UTC 2011

Hello. I've made a port for TortoiseHG (in fact, for its hgtk script). It is
my first attempt in port creation, so i want someone to review it.

The current problems are following:
1. The user can choose to not install nautilus extension and translation
files (if defined(WITHOUT_NLS)). To prevent from installing those
stuff, i've made two patches, that resides in ${FILESDIR}. They are
generated from 'diff -u' and the problem is that they cannot be applied
together. If i generate patches with simply 'diff', then everythink works,
except that i should apply them manually (${PATCH} ${PYSETUP} <
And what i've been told is that i should use EXTRA_PATCHES, insteand of
invoking patch.

2. The port also installs *.egg-info file and i'm not sure how to include it
in the plist.

3. The port also depends on py-gobject port, but there is no such value in
USE_GNOME. I've already mentioned that on freebsd-gnome@ and they said, that
it will be fixed after 8.2-RELEASE.

You can obtain port from attachement or here:

Thanks in advance.

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