net-mgmt/cacti default install location?

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Mon Feb 7 19:29:00 UTC 2011

05.02.2011 11:04, Marin Atanasov Nikolov wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a specific reason that net-mgmt/cacti default install location
> is /usr/local/share/cacti ?
> Wouldn't /usr/local/www/cacti be a better place for that ?
> It's somehow a more preferred location for installing web applications
> there, IMO.

You can define install location as you want:
make CACTIDIR=/usr/local/www/cacti install

I don't remember datails, but it was a security reason do not place 
cacti to this location. May be it was discussed in ports@ or private 
emails. I dont remeber now, sorry.


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