Call for testers: projectM comes to FreeBSD! [re ports/152823]

Chris Rees utisoft at
Sat Feb 5 21:57:48 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Since there was a request for this [1] and I had some spare time...

Anyone who uses a libvisual compatible music player might be
interested in this port; according to Wikipedia these:

    * Amarok
    * XMMS2
    * Beep Media Player
    * BMPx
    * Audacious
    * LiVES Video Editing System
    * Rhythmbox

projectM is a Free rewrite of Milkdrop, which is a visualiser for 'Winamp'.

Since projectM is modular, I've written two ports so far;


The second depends on the first -- both belong in /u/p/graphics.

Anyone interested can grab them and test them out! I've tried them on
i386, they work great; feedback is most welcome. The dependencies for
libprojectM are correct, but I may have missed one or two for
projectM-libvisual in my enthusiasm; I'm still finalising that one.

Be warned, you may struggle to get good effects without a powerful
processor and GPU.



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