FreeBSD Port: minidlna-2010.12.12

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Fri Feb 4 16:49:02 UTC 2011

   On 04.02.2011 05:50, Jan Solc wrote:

   With help from the maker of miniupnpd I have done patches for

   patch-ssdpd - minidlna can use minissdpd when you need using more upnp
   services at once (in example miniupnpd and minidlna simultaneously).
   patch-zsamsung - it's latest patch for better cooperation with samsung

   Thank you very much for the work. If you have an account on
   SourceForge, please, [1]submit your patches to the developer directly.
   I will try to add them to the port in parallel, but for them to get
   into the official tree, somebody has to send them to the author.
   Ideally that would be you... That said, there are already patches
   submitted for the things you mentioned:
     * [2]patch to use MiniSSDPd if available (3170970)
     * [3]Samsung support with optional Thumbnails (3148380)
     * [4]Display thumbnail on Samsung C Series (2010 models) (3090002)
     * [5]Basic Samsung TV xxC650 support v2 (3084362)

   Any of these your doing?
   If you don't have a SourceForge account (and don't want to create
   one), I'll do it in your stead, but then any questions/comments the
   developer may have will, likely, have to go through me -- with
   inevitable latency...

   Thanks again. Yours,




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