net/mpich2: libraries with many 'undefined symbols'

thierry at thierry at
Thu Feb 3 14:17:21 UTC 2011

Selon Rainer Hurling <rhurlin at> le jeu  3 fév 14:19:16 2011 :

> Ok, so I usually have to take care to link libraries like libmpl,  
> libopa etc. in addition to libmpich (or using the wrappers if  
> possible).

Yes, this is the idea. Note: libopa is rarely needed.

>>>> Yet another solution could be to configure mpich2 with
>>>> --enable-lib-depend, but this is experimental...
> What would be the consequence of configuring mpich2 with  
> --enable-lib-depend? Would dependencies like libmpl be more  
> integrated in libmpich?

This is based on inter-library dependencies. This is experimental and
only for shared library builds at this time. It causes to
depend on and Once you do that, you can just link
to, and it'll automatically pick the remaining libraries as

Remark: these explanations come from the authors.
Th. Thomas.

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