DATADIR recorded as a relative path in plist ?

Anonymous swell.k at
Wed Feb 2 09:17:25 UTC 2011

"Ganael LAPLANCHE" <ganael.laplanche at> writes:

> # make DATADIR=/tmp/pciids deinstall
> ===>  Deinstalling for misc/pciids
> ===>   Deinstalling pciids-20101124
> pkg_delete: file '/usr/local//tmp/pciids/pci.ids' doesn't exist
> pkg_delete: file '/usr/local//tmp/pciids' doesn't exist
> pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/usr/local//tmp/pciids'
> pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package (perhaps the packing list is
> incorrectly specified?)
> Am I missing something here ?

You cannot define DATADIR that's PREFIX-unsafe without using @cwd.
And using @cwd makes `-p/-P' options in pkg_add(1) less useful.

Not sure why portlint even mentions safeness for
DOCSDIR/EXAMPLESDIR/DATADIR as they were never safe for *user* to
override. According to CVS history it was requested by pav at .

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