[CFT] cpu stresser^W libreoffice 3.3.0 final

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at freebsd.org
Tue Feb 1 08:50:00 UTC 2011

2011/2/1 Maho NAKATA <chat95 at mac.com>:
> Broken
>> checking whether to enable debugging code... product
>> checking whether to use git to get the ooo sources... git: not found
>> /work/a/ports/editors/libreoffice/work/libreoffice-build- already set up
>> checking for rsync... no
>> configure: error: rsync not found; required for libreoffice when using --with-git
>> ===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
> bit strange you need rsync when building libreoffice

This a a bug in configure when --disable-gstreamer is set late (don't
know why yet, so I'll force gstreamer default and remove GSTREAMER

Concerning the DIST_SUBDIR it is already in the git version you took
:) it was added by fluffy@

git and shar (http://people.freebsd.org/~bapt/libreoffice-3.3.0.shar)
are upgraded to fix gstreamer.

freebsd-openoffice list has been CC the discution will continue there.

maybe it is time to create an office team or at least an office
mailing list because we share lot's of stuff:
libwp* icu, etc between different office system : libreoffice
openoffice koffice abiword and maybe more.

that would help working together synchronise the work on shared library etc.

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