xfce 4.8pre3 preview

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Tue Feb 1 07:45:06 UTC 2011

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Duchateau <duchateau.olivier at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have question, updates (Terminal, xfce4-panel, xfce4-settings,
> xfce4-utils, xfce4-wm, xfce4-desktop, and Thunar) of this week-end
> made by Xfce dev team, will be in the port tree with rest of 4.8 core
> ?

Yes, the 4.8.1 release will be included - I'll do that this weekend
and provide a new tarball.

> I've send a PR for Midori [1], and I noticed that Mk/bsd.sites.mk is
> broken, due to mirrors closed, could you upload your new bsd.sites.mk,
> please.

Yeah, it might be a good idea to fix the sites now and independant
of the 4.8.X checkin.

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