rid.so missing in samba34/35

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Wed Aug 31 16:01:17 UTC 2011


> I've just compiled samba35 from ports with the extra config settings
> ADS/SWAT/DNSUPDATE, no default settings were removed.

I looked at the port and


Maybe this works: do a

make config

and add

with experimental modules

to the modules to compile with. Recompile, try again.
This should produce/install an idmap/rid.so file ?

I'm not sure whether this error message solves your problem.

> looking in the logs I get the error message "failed to open
> /usr/local/lib/samba/idmap/rid.so" as the file doesn't exist there.
> I noticed this folder was empty for 3.4, but had some modules there in
> 3.5 (which ones, I don't remember now)
> running FreeBSD 8.2 AMD64
> anyone know if this is missing from ports, compile issue or.. ??

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