cvs commit: ports/mail/procmail Makefile

perryh at perryh at
Tue Aug 30 22:39:31 UTC 2011

Matthias Andree <mandree at> wrote:

> I understand that keeping unchanging software can sometimes be
> necessary, if you're working around its quirks.
> At the same time I'd like to discourage new installations of dead
> software so that it disappears over time, rather than haunt fresh
> systems.
> How about if we added a new tag "OBSOLESCENT" or so that permits
> building the software only if it's already installed but refuses
> new installations?  Of course there could be a switch to override
> that, like TRYBROKEN that can override BROKEN= tags.
> I'm not sure if it's feasible for packages (but OBSOLESCENT could
> imply "do not package") but for ports it would be possible.

+1.  This would also address the python 2.4 problem mentioned in
another thread.

BTW (if it is not already being done) it would be good for the
-recursive targets to check for BROKEN, FORBIDDEN, OBSOLESCENT,
(others?) in the dependencies _before_ starting the actual work,
since the presence of a problematic dependency may well affect
the user's decision to install/build/whatever the leaf port.

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