firefox 6: mercurial seems to be missing as depency

Jeroen jeroen at
Mon Aug 29 20:51:58 UTC 2011

>> When updating firefox to the latest version (from ports) it complained
>> about hg not being found. Apparently a dependency to mercurial is
>> missing. I haven't checked why, installing it resolved it.
> Can you please show us exact error message for further investigation?
Hi, I don't have a rational for this. I can explain what I did. 
Portaudit said there's a vulnerability in Firefox 5, so I did a make in 
/usr/ports/www/firefox (from within gnome). And it stopped somewhere at 
'hg not found' or similiar, so I blindly installed mercurial and hit 
make again; and make install, and all went fine after doing that. 
Afterwards I though this was a bit strange and decided to send a mail to 
ports at . Don't know what really happened though, hence the '*seems*' .

This evening I removed /usr/ports/ completely and mecurial. Did a 
portsnap and tried to make firefox, resulting in similar errors: like hg 
not found, repeated twice, followed by a sed error about a missing file. 
I lost the raw output though since switching between gnome and console 
does not recover gnome properly while I had the output there...

So currently I have not something useful to add, building again from 
console, but don't dare to switch, at the moment.


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