Ports system quality

Adam Vande More amvandemore at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 20:51:38 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Michel Talon <talon at lpthe.jussieu.fr>wrote:
> Any discussion on such subjects should begin by switching off the reality
> distortion field. For *my own experience* Ubuntu works perfectly OK, in
> particular all the hardware on my laptop works, suspend works, i have
> zero problem keeping the "ports" updated, etc. It is the completely no
> fuss solution. Wether FreeBSD needs to go in a direction or another is a
> different subject, but *please* be objective in your descriptions.

I can cite more anecdotal evidence to the contrary but that will just
perpetuate this infinite regression.

> is a sentence you can easily apply to any modern system. And most users
> could not care less that there is *bloat* on their hard disk. Anyways
> you can find a functional and installable desktop Ubuntu system
> on a simple CDROM, show me the same for FreeBSD and i will happily
> conclude it is less bloated.


Your other concerns are just as easily answered if you look.

Adam Vande More

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