Retiring of databases/py-pysqlite2x

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at
Mon Aug 29 17:36:46 UTC 2011

He there.

I'm finally finished the work of eliminating databases/py-pysqlite2x 
consumers. I mean this obsoleted ports:


They are unmaintained upstream, not existed on mastersites (besides 
FreeBSD ones) peaces of software, deprecated upstream, that is for 
python24 and less. All the modern software uses databases/py-sqlite3,
that is a part of python distribution since 2.5.

They may be safely removed after all of this guys will be committed:
audio/pytone               ports/160053 commited
databases/py-axiom         ports/160260 wen@
databases/py-sqlobject     ports/160059 wen@
deskutils/gourmet          ports/160165 beech@
deskutils/griffith         ports/160161 unassigned
devel/bzr-git              ports/160069 glarkin@
games/anki                 ports/160055 unassigned
games/gcompris             ports/160054 gnome@
multimedia/gpodder         ports/160155 commited
multimedia/miro            ports/160070 unassigned approved
security/umit              ports/160072 unassigned
security/zenmap            ports/160071 unassigned
sysutils/flyback           ports/160157 commited
textproc/translate-toolkit ports/160261 jpaetzel@
www/roundup                ports/160220 sbz@
deskutils/conduit          ports/160063 gnome@
multimedia/pyjama          ports/160065 unassigned approved
multimedia/py-openlp       ports/160285 tabthorpe@
security/hotssh            ports/160066 unassigned should be ashish@
security/pwman3            ports/160288 unassigned

(I know you will hate me for this short urls, but it's to not break 
formatting. Here is the url that you may use to join pr's numbers to for 
convenience :)       )

So if anybody interested in moving some cruft from the tree, they may 
pick the pr's that is unassigned atm. Thanks.


Tinderboxing kills... the drives.

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