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Mon Aug 29 11:06:08 UTC 2011

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/160278            [MAINTAINER] japanese/ibus-skk: update to 1.3.8
o ports/160274            [patch] sysutils/hfsexplorer updated url discripton
o ports/160273            [patch] Fix distfile sources for port net/AquaGatekeep
f ports/160272            [patch] unbreak port net/AquaGatekeeper
o ports/160265            [NEW PORT] lang/pypy 1.6
o ports/160262            New port: net-mgmt/better-cacti-templates - better Cac
f ports/160257            [patch] mail/ssmtp: pkg-message needs further descript
o ports/160254            [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] from net-mgmt/vidalia 0.2.12 to 0.
f ports/160243            emulators/wine-gecko: update to last version
f ports/160242            audio/murmur installs directories with incorrect owner
o ports/160236            [patch] Upgrade lang/jruby to 1.6.4
o ports/160234            [maintainer-update] comms/grig to 0.8.0
f ports/160233            [patch][update] devel/pinba_engine Update to new revis
f ports/160232            Update: x11/xlockmore to 5.34
f ports/160226            Unbreak lang/nawk by updating it to 20110810
o ports/160217            [Maintainer Update] emulators/doscmd update
o ports/160213            [NEW PORT] security/py-htpasswd - htpasswd replacement
o ports/160212            [maintainer update] textproc/pear-Numbers_Words
o ports/160211            [NEW PORT] math/pear-Math_BigInteger :  Pure-PHP arbit
f ports/160210            [update] devel/php5-pinba
o ports/160208            [NEW PORT} print/py27-pdfcolorsplit - script to split 
o ports/160207            [NEW PORT] devel/php5-dav: The PHP WebDAV extension
o ports/160194            [PATCH] sysutils/jdiskreport: update to 1.3.2
o ports/160190            New port: net/samba36-devel Test version of Samba 3.6 
f ports/160184            graphics/jpeg2pdf is broken with ruby 1.9, but does no
o ports/160182            [maintainer patch] graphics/zbar. Fix pkg-plist, restr
o ports/160178            [NEW PORT] www/vimprobable1 - webkit browser inspired 
o ports/160177            [NEW PORT] www/vimprobable2 - webkit browser inspired 
o ports/160174            [PATCH] japanese/ Fix defined(%hash) is deprec
o ports/160172            [NEW PORTS] japanese/wordpress: add ja-wordpress 3.2.1
o ports/160161            [PATCH] deskutils/griffith: eliminate py-pysqlite2x de
o ports/160142            Update port: security/fakebo to
o ports/160133            Update port: net-im/py-pyxmpp to 1.1.2
o ports/160132            Update port: net-im/cjc to 1.2.1
o ports/160126            Update port: math/parmetis to 4.0
o ports/160122            Update port: lang/libjit to 0.1.2
o ports/160120            Update port: graphics/raster3d to 3.0.2
o ports/160117            Update port: graphics/icoutils to 0.29.1
o ports/160116            Update port: graphics/glfw to 2.7.2
o ports/160115            Update port: graphics/epix to 1.2.9
o ports/160114            Update port: graphics/boxer to 0.3.1
o ports/160113            Update port: graphics/box to 0.2.3
o ports/160112            Update port: games/xspringies to 1.12
o ports/160110            Update port: games/xfrisk to 1.3.r1
o ports/160104            Update port: games/lgeneral to 1.2.2
o ports/160097            Update port: devel/z80-asm to 2.4.p3
o ports/160095            Update port: devel/rlog to 1.4
o ports/160094            Update port: devel/piklab to 0.15.10
o ports/160092            Update port: deskutils/rubrica to 2.0.10
o ports/160091            Update port: deskutils/cdcat to 1.5
o ports/160090            Update port: databases/lsdb to 0.11
o ports/160086            Update port: cad/magic to 7.5.213
o ports/160085            Update port: cad/feappv to 2.2
o ports/160084            Update port: cad/atlc to 4.6.1
o ports/160082            Update port: benchmarks/mdtest to 1.8.3
o ports/160081            Update port: audio/slv2 to 0.6.6
o ports/160080            Update port: audio/liteamp to
o ports/160073            Update port: audio/HVSC-Update to 2.8.5
f ports/160072            [UPDATE] security/umit: update to 1.0
o ports/160071            [PATCH] security/zenmap: eliminate py-pysqlite2x depen
o ports/160070            [PATCH] multimedia/miro: eliminate py-pysqlite2x depen
o ports/160066            [PATCH] security/hottsh: eliminate py-pysqlite2x depen
o ports/160065            [PATCH] multimedia/pyjama: eliminate py-pysqlite2x dep
o ports/160062            math/pari: fix fetch and undeprecate
f ports/160060            collision: sysutils/coreutils Collision between system
f ports/160058            [patch] games/instead: update to 1.5.0
o ports/160055            [PATCH] games/anki: eliminate py-pysqlite2x dependency
f ports/160052            [patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: fix build after vfs_flag
o ports/160049            [PATCH] emulators/wahcade: eliminate py-elementtree de
f ports/160045            [PATCH] emulators/visualboyadvance-m: fix SFML depend
o ports/160039            request to maintain x11/stalonetray
o ports/160033            [maintainer] update port devel/libffi
o ports/160031            [PATCH] devel/yajl add yajl.pc
f ports/160027            net/rabbitmq daemon fails to restart half of the time
o ports/160025            update the /databases/py-firebirdsql
o ports/160020            [MAINTAINER] japanese/ddskk: update to 14.3
o ports/160012            [maintainer-update] [patch] net-p2p/lopster portlint c
o ports/160007            [NEW PORT] ports-mgmt/porttree: Show dependences of Fr
o ports/160006            [new port] devel/premake4: cross-platform build script
f ports/159996            multimedia/ffmpegthumbnailer doesn't link with libjpeg
o ports/159991            [PATCH] devel/py-mercurialserver mark IGNORE
o ports/159978            devel/bazaar-ng 2.4.0: Viewing help for subcommands re
o ports/159976            new port: games/blackjack
o ports/159961            [Patch] Update x11-wm/echinus to version 0.4.7
f ports/159959            [UPDATE] x11-wm/matwm2 to 0.1.2pre3
f ports/159958            [UPDATE] x11/deskpaint to 3.1
f ports/159951            [patch] www/woof to support Python 2.7
o ports/159935 ports-bug  [PATCH] devel/libparserutils: update dependencies and 
f ports/159926            [PATCH] lang/py-prolog: some cleanup
o ports/159920            [MAINTAINER] dns/zonecheck: update to 3.0.5
o ports/159915            [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/ndpmon: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/159914            [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/ramond: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/159909            [maintainer] lang/ikarus: add more MASTER_SITES
o ports/159908            [new] devel/php5-blitz-devel Templating engin
o ports/159903            japanese/a2ps: a2ps-j generates warning errors for obs
o ports/159894            [new port] databases/php52-rrdtool
f ports/159874            [patch] sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt: respect local time
o ports/159873            net/libgcrypt needs libgpg error > 1.8
f ports/159872            [UPDATE] www/xpi-firebug: update to 1.8.1
o ports/159863            [patch] chinese/tin with tin 1.9.6
o ports/159843            [PATCH] databases/postgresql-plpython: unbreak
f ports/159821            [patch] www/squid31: dnsserver does not build
o ports/159803            update security/monkeysphere to 0.35
f ports/159791            x11-fonts/terminus-font patch apply fails
f ports/159790            sysutils/freesbie cannot build iso
f ports/159786            [patch] upgrade of security/ossec-hids-server and secu
o ports/159766            cannnot execute sysutil/ezjail on 9.0 BETA1
o ports/159760            New port: devel/libparserutils A library useful when w
o ports/159748            comms/rxtx installs improperly with openjdk7
o ports/159747            New port: sysutlis/wiimms : Wii and GameCube ISO Tools
o ports/159735            [patch] adopt and update comms/rxtx
o ports/159728            sysutils/htop-0.9.0_1 is broken (does not show process
o ports/159644            Math/asir2000 BROKENed, so update.
o ports/159636            [patch] net/freevrrpd: RC script for freevrrpd that co
o ports/159631            New port: sysutils/amount FreeBSD specific auto mount 
o ports/159626            New port: dns/radns IPv6 DNS server address autoconfig
f ports/159619            net-mgmt/netams install cgi scripts without exec permi
f ports/159607            Update port: graphic/mahotas Efficient Image Processin
o ports/159575            [new port] games/stockfish: open source chess engine
f ports/159560            [PATCH] devel/php-xdebug: update to 2.1.2
o ports/159550            audo/freeswitch-sounds: update to latest version, othe
o ports/159549            [New Port] graphics/ocrfeeder
o ports/159544            [New Port] graphics/py-imaging-sane
f ports/159516            [patch] Port comms/mlan3 update to 310r2 version
o ports/159515            [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/zabbix-server: update to 1.8.6
f ports/159409            [PATCH] devel/py-boto: update to 2.0
o ports/159393            [New port] x11/gnome-color-chooser: customize appearan
o ports/159378            [NEW PORT] lang/php-plua: PLua is a PHP extension whic
o ports/159361            sysutils/fusefs-kmod doesn't compile
o ports/159325            new port: emulators/joytran
f ports/159322            [PATCH] sysutils/fusefs-kmod doesn't build due to rece
o ports/159319            databases/postgresql-plpython doesn't build with postg
f ports/159313            sysutils/uhidd: uhidd-devd.conf.sample doesn't work
o ports/159302            New port:math/geogebra - software for math and geometr
f ports/159245            sysutils/duplicity updated to 0.6.14
f ports/159230            [PATCH] fix sysutils/fusefs-kmod for the 64bit mount f
o ports/159221            sysutils/ezjail: ezjail-admin command, console option 
f ports/159218            [patch] update multimedia/ffmpegthumbnailer to 2.0.7, 
o ports/159217            New port: devel/goprotobuf - Protocol buffers for Go
f ports/159205            net-mgmt/zabbix-agent: No active checks on server: hos
o ports/159204            net-mgmt/zabbix-server - graphs drawn with no data
o ports/159187            [patch] sysutils/am-utils patch to add nolockd to nfs 
f ports/159177            sysutils/muse on 8.2-STABLE
o ports/159168            Update port german/tipp10 to current program version
o ports/159152            New port: sysutils/battray
o ports/159121            net/freevrrpd: Make adv_int a runtime configurable opt
f ports/159108            sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs update to 0.5.3
o ports/159102            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: fusefs daemonizes before mount i
o ports/159083            [NEW PORT] www/py27-django_compressor: Compresses link
f ports/159050            PORT graphics/fotoxx Makefile update
o ports/159025            New port: www/py-tornado2 - An open source scalable, n
o ports/159007            New ports: print/linux-f10-cups-libs, security/linux-f
s ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
f ports/158968            Update port: lang/mosh version 0.2.7
f ports/158935            [PATCH] print/lpr-wrapper: update to 0.7
o ports/158931            print/perlftlib is not built with perl5.14
o ports/158925            New Port: audio/pithos GNOME Pandora player
f ports/158916            [PATCH] textproc/ctpp2: update to 2.7.1
a ports/158910            [PATCH] sysutils/battmond: update to 0.3
f ports/158907            [PATCH] www/interchange: update to 5.6.3
f ports/158898            [PATCH] www/libecap: update to 0.2.0
f ports/158897            [PATCH] net/phamm: update to 0.5.18
f ports/158889            [PATCH] sysutils/ucspi-proxy: update to 0.98
o ports/158878            [patch] textproc/dadadodo assumes long is 32 bits
f ports/158824            devel/flyspray: share/flyspray/flyspray.conf.php remai
o ports/158791            Update security/openvas-*
o ports/158781            New port: games/drcreep Platform Puzzle Game
f ports/158731            sysutils/byobu wants module "snack"
o ports/158704            New port: mail/mailfromd
f ports/158533            [NEW PORT] devel/tiled: 2D game map editor
f ports/158403            New port: mail/dovecot2-deleted-to-trash-plugin: dovec
o ports/158204            [PATCH] java/jde: update to
o ports/158179            some packages do not fully honor -P dir option in pkg_
o ports/158167            [NEW PORT] databases/percona-server: Multithreaded SQL
o ports/158044            Multiple net/iaxmodem instances started
o ports/157791            audo/midimountain fails to copy all xpm files and fail
o ports/157738            New port: net/py-ldaptor
o ports/157719            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-CheckPing: Provides nagios
o ports/157715            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-libvirt: Provides monitori
f ports/157494            lang/ezm3 fails to compile
o ports/157320            [NEW PORT] databases/pecl-pdo_user: PECL classes provi
o ports/157301            [New port] net-mgmt/zbxlog: Syslog server receives mes
o ports/157282            [MAINTAINER PATCH] net/xrdp: effective login name is n
o ports/157191            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-MACReport: Lists MAC addre
o ports/157190            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-GraphPortlet: Enables user
o ports/157176            [patch] sysutils/heartbeat crashes when clock_t (signe
o ports/157136            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-Domain: Provides expiratio
o ports/157135            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-DellMonitor: Provides Zeno
o ports/157133            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-ApacheMonitor: Provides pe
f ports/157109            conflict between net/netpipes and sysutils/timelimit
f ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
f ports/157044            x11-toolkits/slgtk: fails to start
f ports/157021            multimedia/mplayer: does not build with multimedia/lib
o ports/157014            devel/jam: does not compile on FreeBSD 9.0 CURRENT/amd
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/156791            New port: security/py-kerberos Python bindings for ker
f ports/156747            multimedia/mplayer: fix 24-bits OSS + some improvement
o ports/156737            [patch] www/squid31: startup script fixes to 
o ports/156693            [PATCH] security/hmap: refine this port a bit
o ports/156629            [patch] sysutils/puppet patch to use PACKAGEROOT inste
o ports/156539            [NEW PORT] print/frescobaldi: A music score editor for
o ports/156472            [new port] devel/ocaml-react - OCaml library for react
f ports/156376            [PATCH] graphics/optipng: update to 0.6.5
o ports/156362            New port: games/rftg Race for the Galaxy AI
o ports/156343            multimedia/xbmc 10.1_1 mp3 playback problem - CALSADir
o ports/156313            [patch][new port] astro/gkrellsun2 (Gkrellm2 Plugin)
f ports/156252            New port: devel/radar Opensource tools to disasm, debu
f ports/156171            port multimedia/mplayer patch-libao2-ao_oss.c is incor
f ports/156143            New port: devel/arduino-mk: Build Arduino sketches fro
o ports/156119            x11-fonts/font-manager: ignore a problem caused by the
f ports/156075            [new port] graphics/openfst: library for constructing,
f ports/156034            print/lyx-devel spell checking with enchant does not w
f ports/155941            mwserv library support is not included in
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
o ports/155788            ports security/cfsd startup -- multiple problems
f ports/155697            ports-mgmt/pkg_replace doesn't want to replace java/op
o ports/155593            lang/mpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC fil
f ports/155592            polish/ekg, after polish/libgadu update, contacts are 
o ports/155570            [patch] devel/py-twistedCore: update to 10.2.0 and oth
f ports/155547            java/jboss5 port build failure
o ports/155538            new port devel/radlib radlib developer library. Event-
o ports/155447            Update ports: net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-* to 2.2.1, New port
f ports/155404            [PATCH] mail/mutt-devel: doesn't build in presence of 
f ports/155306            multimedia/openshot doesn't work
o ports/155225            plz split antlr2 and antlr3 ports. not update antlr2 -
o ports/155166            update deskutils/org-mode.el to 7.4
o ports/155120            Update of port devel/php-libawl
f ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/155070            NEW PORT: games/CastleVox - new fast strategy board ga
f ports/154973            [PATCH] security/ike: fix plist when QTGUI=off, respec
o ports/154711            security/heimdal: kadmin: hdb_open: hdb_open failed in
o ports/154682            net/iaxmodem: add rc script for running more than 1 ia
f ports/154546            update port: games/gemrb to version 0.6.3
o ports/154401            New port: www/jetty7 - newer fork by Eclipse/Codehaus
o ports/154285            [NEW PORT] java/netty: Java NIO client server framewor
o ports/154217            New port: ports-mgmt/portsreinstall
o ports/154202            New port: security/scannedonly - A Samba VFS virus sca
o ports/154031            New port: audio/shoutcast2: SHOUTcast Distributed Netw
o ports/153926            New port net/freeswitch-snapshot
o ports/153810            [PATCH] Fix usb_interrupt_read() in devel/libusb for f
o ports/153607            Update devel/djgpp-binutils to version 2.17
o ports/153429            [patch] Fix explicite uses of unzip in ports
o ports/153425            [PATCH] www/limesurvey: Added a switch to use PostgreS
f ports/153130            sysutils/k3b: problem with k3b and mounting ntfs with 
o ports/152982            [patch] net/nss_ldap, ignore option nss_initgroups_ign
f ports/152915            russian/xmms v. 1.2.11_12 don't see cdinfo and tag's i
o ports/152376            New port: audio/lastfmsubmitd
o ports/152236            [patch] x11/slim: Enable pam support, add hald and dbu
s ports/152195            [PATCH] deskutils/pinot update to xapian-core 1.2.3
f ports/152192            [PATCH] databases/xapian-bindings update to 1.2.3
o ports/152191            [PATCH] databases/xapian-core update to 1.2.3
o ports/152118            New port: deskutils/linux-tahometer A worktime trackin
o ports/151930            [PATCH] net-mgmt/netams links to libmysqlclient/libpq 
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
o ports/151318            [repocopy][new port] x11-wm/stumpwm: rename to x11-wm/
o ports/151296            [patch] ports/sysutils/fusefs-kmod build fails: MNT_NF
f ports/150783            mail/qpopper: fails to configure ocasionally
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
f ports/150235            sysutils/smartmontools build system bug
o ports/150194            There is no startup script for databases/cassandra
o ports/150086            [NEW PORT] net-im/tkabber-plugins-devel: External Plug
o ports/149564            patch for various games/ adding appropriate LICENSEs t
f ports/148871            bad packages: p5-XML-Parser-2.36_1 p5-XML-SAX-Expat-0.
o ports/147943            New port: net/radsecproxy Radsecproxy is a generic RAD
s ports/147829            Improved net/ucarp startup script: multiple VHID and F
s ports/147169   Adding GEM_ARGS
a ports/139203            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot more careful patch not depen
o ports/137378            Advisory locks fail with ports/security/cfs on FreeBSD
f ports/122333            net/arping - patch to lookup for interface and src ip,
o ports/57498             HEIMDAL_HOME should be defined in src or ports Makefil

270 problems total.

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