Problems building devel/gobject-introspection

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Mon Aug 29 03:29:10 UTC 2011

On 2011-Aug-26 15:05:35 +1000, Peter Jeremy <peter at> wrote:
>I am having problems building devel/gobject-introspection on one
>9.0-BETA1 host.  I can build it without problems on 8.2 and another
>9.0-BETA1 box.  In all cases, I'm using gcc and amd64.  The failure
>Since this only happens on one box, it's presumably something I've done
>but I'm not sure what.  Google hasn't helped.  Does anyone have any
>ideas on where to start looking?

Turns out that my python was dodgy.  Deleting
/var/db/ports/python27/options and rebuilding with default options
fixed it.  I thought I was using the defaults before but forgot to
check the contents before deleting it.

Thanks to Ruslan Mahmatkhanov <cvs-src at> for his suggestions.

Peter Jeremy
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