Ports system quality and trolling

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Mon Aug 29 02:43:51 UTC 2011

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 08:24:52PM -0400, Jerry wrote:
> You have also asked for and I assume received monetary compensation
> for your services.

In Doug's case: a small percentage of his contributions over the years
(e.g. for improvements to portmaster, which he had already written).
I'm sure he'll correct me, but IIRC he has not received any pay for the
great deal of work he has done over many years on the rc subsystem, bind,
and the many other things he has worked on.

I doubt even 1% of the time he's spent on the project has been compensated.

> The difference here is in the basic concept of how you perceive
> FreeBSD in general. You see what it is and consider it good enough.

Well, now I've lived to see everything: someone imputing that Doug Barton
thinks that FreeBSD is exactly OK as it is :-)

Since you probably don't know me, let me be obvious.  I'm on portmgr.
And anyone on portmgr can tell you with an absolute knowable certainty
that Doug Barton does not think FreeBSD is exactly OK as it is.  I mean,
if you really think that, you haven't been paying attention.

Now, any casual reading of the mailing list archives will ably demonstrate
that Doug and I have different styles and don't exactly get along.  But
if you think he's happy with the way things are, or doesn't care about the
quality of the system ... I'm sorry, that's just farcical.  You're living
inside a reality-distortion field.

> Oh, by the way, YES, I do have the right to lash out.  I am not your
> slave you moron.

Nor is he yours.  Or anyone else working on this project (including myself).

But what he, and I, and a lot of other people who work on this project,
deserve is to be treated in a civil fashion.  In your postings that I've
seen this week (no, I haven't read them all), you've made it quite clear
that you have no interest in doing so.

So: you have exercised your right to speak.  And now, for myself, I'm
going to exercise my right to not listen, and get on with useful work [*]
rather than any more mailing list blather.

In case that was tl;dr: plonk.


[*] so far since your first posting in this thread, that's consisted of
resetting all the i386 package build nodes, cleaning up and restarting
the i386-9 package build, writing a document for an upcoming infrastructure
change, and the usual PR triage and maintenance work.

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