Time to remove the GNUTLS option in the print/cups-client port

Chad Perrin code at apotheon.net
Mon Aug 29 00:40:00 UTC 2011

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 06:50:07PM -0400, Jerry wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Aug 2011 14:04:42 -0700
> > 
> > The only benefit that I have heard of is that gnutls works around at
> > least one of the patent issues that openssl has.
> > 
> > (the probably both infringe on dozens, if not hundreds, of erroneously
> > issued American patents)
> Erroneously issued in the sense that you are suppose to be paying for
> the right to use it and are attempting to circumvent the law or issued
> in the sense that someone else had all ready been issued a valid patent?
> Or, could it be that you feel someone should work for an indeterminate
> amount of time, invest his/her monies and take the risks of developing a
> new product and then be deprived of the right to make a return on their
> investment just so you can use the article for free? I think I know the
> answer to that one.

Probably "erroneously issued" in that you should stop trolling, because
no matter how much someone likes the patent system in principle, the US
patent system has become horribly broken in practice.  The world's
biggest patent-holders that actually produce anything pretty much all
agree that the system is horribly broken, and mostly collect patents for
defensive use.

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