OPTIONS framework bug vs. SSL issues (was: How to handle upgrade of libnotify when cups-client-1.4.8 is marked as broken)

Matthias Andree mandree at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 28 17:41:04 UTC 2011

Am 28.08.2011 16:33, schrieb Chris Rees:
> make -C /usr/ports/print/cups-client config, disable TLS.
> Chris
> On 28 Aug 2011 15:15, "Leslie Jensen" <leslie at eskk.nu> wrote:
>> Following the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING I issued the command
>> portmaster -r libnotify-0
>> And after a while I get this error
>> Dependency check complete for print/cups-client
>> libnotify-0.5.2 >> swt-devel-3.6.m5_2,1 >> apache-ant-1.8.2 >>
>> jdk- >> cups-client-1.4.6
>> ===> Cleaning for cups-client-1.4.8
>> ===> cups-client-1.4.8 is marked as broken: gnutls does not support
>> threads yet.
>> *** Error code 1
>> Stop in /usr/ports/print/cups-client


just a brain flash: bsd.port.mk currently re-prompts OPTIONS if they've
changed, for instance, through addition.

Should we change this feature in b.p.mk so that it also re-prompt the
user when the defaults have changed?

Or should the CUPS port remove the GNUTLS offering altogether until
either GNUTLS is multithreaded, CUPS single-threaded, or CUPS offers
another library?

Would it help the licensing mess to use NSS instead?  I recall Fedora
working on API-compatible layers so they could unify OpenSSL/GNUTLS/NSS
APIs and rebase everything onto NSS.  I haven't checked lately though
what the status is.


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