Problem with nvidia-driver and "X" after upgrade

Test Rat ttsestt at
Sat Aug 27 12:02:00 UTC 2011

Carmel <carmel_ny at> writes:

> On Sat, 27 Aug 2011 01:45:48 +0200
> Michal Varga articulated:
>> > So, after rebuild World/Kernel and installing same and then
>> > rebuilding the nvidia-driver, all is well again.
>> > 
>> > Now, in my not so humble opinion, there should be some sort of
>> > warning in the driver dialog, or at least in the port description
>> > that warns of this behavior. It could have save3d me several hours
>> > of needless searching. Hours that I will never get back. :)
>> > 
>> Nvdia-driver is a driver, a kernel module so to say. You built the
>> driver against kernel sources that are different from your live
>> kernel. You got a driver that will work with kernel corresponding to
>> those sources. What kind of "warning" would you be expecting there
>> and what purpose would it serve?
> This is the first time I have seen this phenomena occur. A warning when
> the drive starts, or should I say tries to start, that there is a
> mismatch would have been nice. I was not aware that the driver had been
> rebuild and therefore wasted valuable time tracking down the problem.
> Even the warning that I received when manually attempting to load the
> driver was not displayed when booting up, unless it flew past the
> screen faster than I could view it, nor was it listed in the system
> log. The Xorg log simply stated it couldn't load the module, which is
> in itself a start. I am assuming that if the module cannot give a proper
> reason for its failure to load then the Xorg log really has nothing to
> log. That is just an unproven assumption though.

Try any module under /usr/share/examples/kld. According to
<sys/module.h> they'd only load if __FreeBSD_version in
/usr/src/sys/sys/param.h is less or equal to kern.osreldate.

How this is specific to nvidia-driver? Well, you can cache
version and set IGNORE if sources do not match, e.g.

Index: Mk/
RCS file: /a/.csup/ports/Mk/,v
retrieving revision 1.692
diff -u -p -r1.692
--- Mk/	12 Aug 2011 16:39:23 -0000	1.692
+++ Mk/	27 Aug 2011 11:53:59 -0000
@@ -1188,10 +1188,19 @@ OSREL!=	${UNAME} -r | ${SED} -e 's/[-(].
 # Get __FreeBSD_version
 .if !defined(OSVERSION)
 .if exists(/usr/include/sys/param.h)
-OSVERSION!=	${AWK} '/^\#define[[:blank:]]__FreeBSD_version/ {print $$3}' < /usr/include/sys/param.h
-.elif exists(${SRC_BASE}/sys/sys/param.h)
-OSVERSION!=	${AWK} '/^\#define[[:blank:]]__FreeBSD_version/ {print $$3}' < ${SRC_BASE}/sys/sys/param.h
+OSVERSION_INC!=	${AWK} '/^\#define[[:blank:]]__FreeBSD_version/ {print $$3}' < /usr/include/sys/param.h
+.if exists(${SRC_BASE}/sys/sys/param.h)
+OSVERSION_SRC!=	${AWK} '/^\#define[[:blank:]]__FreeBSD_version/ {print $$3}' < ${SRC_BASE}/sys/sys/param.h
+.if (defined(OSVERSION_INC) && defined(OSVERSION_SRC)) && \
+IGNORE=	world/kernel sources do not match installed system
+# allow building for different version inside jail/chroot
+.if !defined(OSVERSION)
 OSVERSION!=	${SYSCTL} -n kern.osreldate

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