ruby port downgrade

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Fri Aug 26 12:35:02 UTC 2011

Am 25.08.2011 16:05, schrieb Jerry:
> On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 07:47:50 -0400
> Robert Huff articulated:
>> Jerry writes:
>>>  That did not actually answer my question(s). Exactly why is the
>>> port being reverted to 1.8 as the default; 
>> 	Insufficient testing for whether 1.9 works with ruby-using
>> ports.
>>>  and how can I positively ascertain if I have both versions
>>> installed?
>> 	ls -al /var/db/pkg | grep ruby
> Thanks Robert! Unlike Chris who apparently likes to see his name in
> print, you actually answered my question.


disappointing though it may be for you, I think you are expecting a bit
too much.

We will usually assume that people are familiar with the basics of
package/ports management, and pkg_info isn't hard to find, nor hard to
use -- and it's not asking too much of you to read the manuals.

So please, before insisting that people sacrifice their leisure time to
read readily found pages to you that you could read yourself, think
again.  And note, Chris has spent nearly his entire summer vacation on
improving various aspects of the ports system, so a bit more respect
would seem in order.  Further reading for you:
man pkg_info
man ports

and possibly more.


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