tinderbox: how to drop unneded Jail and Build

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 26 06:51:40 UTC 2011

Chris Rees wrote on 25.08.2011 19:52:
> On 25 August 2011 14:27, Ruslan Mahmatkhanov<cvs-src at yandex.ru>  wrote:
>> Chris Rees wrote on 25.08.2011 16:51:
>>> On 25 August 2011 13:44, Ruslan Mahmatkhanov<cvs-src at yandex.ru>    wrote:
>>>> How to correctly remove Jail and Build, created by ./tc createJail and
>>>> ./tc
>>>> createBuild accordingly? I have 7.3-FreeBSD, that was needed to one-time
>>>> test single port. As far i understand, it's not enough to remove
>>>> directory
>>>>   ${pb}/7.3-FreeBSD, since there is logs/packages/build
>>>> etc for this build and database records also. How to deal with this
>>>> correctly?
>>> cd ${pb}/scripts&&    ./tc rmBuild -b ${build}&&    ./tc rmJail -j ${jail}
>>> rm -r ${pb}/*/${jail_name} ${pb}/*/${build_name} ${pb}/${build_name}
>>> PLEASE check the globbing using echo first....
>>> You may want to join tinderbox-list at marcuscom.com too ;)
>>> Chris
>> Nice, thank you. I believe that this should be added to the Tinderbox
>> Manual. And what about creating 9.0-BETA1 jail with -u LFTP question?
> I've added it to the README, thanks for the suggestion [1].

Cool, thanks. When it will be updated on 
http://tinderbox.marcuscom.com/README/README.html? Some time ago i have 
done Russian translation of this page and want to keep it up to date. 
May i grab docbook sources for
this page somewhere?

> For now I think you need to use csup and make world method for 9-,
> sorry. I'm talking to re about what the future plans are regarding ftp
> -- not sure if this xz distribution is The Future.

Got it. Thanks.

> Chris
> [1] http://marcuscom.com/pipermail/tinderbox-cvs/2011-August/001527.html


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