print/cups-* ports vs. GNUTLS

Matthias Andree mandree at
Thu Aug 25 08:41:49 UTC 2011

Hi Dirk, *,

there seem to be a few issues with an up-to-date GNUTLS and cups-client
(and possibly cups-image):

When leaving the default port options alone, the cups-base port gets
built WITHOUT_GNUTLS, while cups-client and cups-image get built

On my computer (8.2-RELEASE-psomething), this fails after the CUPS 1.4.8
configure script has complained that "current GNU TLS cannot be made
thread-safe".   (Why this causes an abort in spite of being AC_WARN()
and not AC_ERROR() escapes me.)

However, Dirk, can I ask you to consider/change these points:

- the defaults for all CUPS ports WRT. GNUTLS should be the same, IOW
all other cups-* ports should also be switched to "default GNUTLS=off".

- the OPTIONS texts should use language like "Use GNUTLS instead of
OpenSSL" or similar because that's what happens under the hood.

To reproduce:

1. update gnutls and dependencies,
2. remove /var/db/ports/cups-client*/options
3. portmaster cups-client-


Best regards,

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