[CFT] Dolphin-emu preliminary port

Ganael LAPLANCHE ganael.laplanche at martymac.org
Thu Aug 25 06:43:17 UTC 2011

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011 13:38:16 +0200, Ganael Laplanche wrote

Hi list,

> I've been working on a dolphin (Wii/GC emulator) port, see :
> http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/showthread.php?tid=8254
> The emulator works on i386 with software rendering.
> Unfortunately, I can't get OpenGL rendering work on my laptop, 
> because of lack of support for GL_EXT_framebufer_object. I 
> would be glad to see if some of you can get it working.
> Amd64 support is not ready yet because of the lack of a 
> MAP_32BIT flag for mmap(2). I've tried a workaround, but 
> without much luck (using MAP_FIXED).

The port has been updated : Dolphin now builds and run on amd64 (the
MAP_FIXED hack now works).

OpenGL still needs testing : does it work on your box ? I would be happy
to get comments on that.

Please, see Dolphin's forum thread if you are interested in testing the

Best regards,

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