Libreoffice plan

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Wed Aug 24 10:13:44 UTC 2011

Hi all,

First of all I'd like to apologise about the mess with the update of 
libreoffice 3.4, that lead us to the new policy about how to manage the 
libreoffice ports.

 From now we will be more respectful of what upstream do, which mean we 
will maintain two version of libreoffice, the legacy one (thanks crees 
for adding it) currently 3.3.3 that I will upgrade soon to 3.3.4 and the 
newer one currently the broken 3.4.2 which need fixes and will be 
upgraded soon to 3.4.3.

As soon as 3.5 will be out the editors/libreoffice will follow that new 
branch, and editors/libreoffice-legacy will become 3.4 which hopefully 
will be stabilized at the time.

Concerning how we will maintain the port them self, we are working to 
continue unbundling stuff from libreoffice, that should save some 
compilation time for users.

You may have noticed some activity around hunspell/mythes/hyphen when 
fixed libreoffice 3.4 will be able to use the local 
dictionaries/hyphenation/thesaurus installed from ports, which mean you 
will be able to have the ${randomlang} dictionaries just by installing 
the concerned ports without having to rebuild a new LOCALIZED_LANG 
version of libreoffice. thanks sunpoet for the work he has done, and is 
still doing on that area.

pgj has also been working a lot on libreoffice, he added the ability to 
built the sdk, and has done a great job concerning the l10n.

libreoffice as openoffice are difficult ports to maintain, to not 
hesitate to join the office@ team to help, test, discuss about the 
office related task.


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