sysutils/diskcheckd needs fixing and a maintainer

perryh at perryh at
Wed Aug 24 08:41:01 UTC 2011

> > Is it logging to syslog?
> I haven't seen anything in /var/log/messages or on ttyv0 ...

It does log errors to syslog.  The informational message when
reaching the end of the disk is discarded with default syslog.conf,
but presumably would be logged if syslog were so configured.

> > Also, would you be happy to take maintainership of this port?
> Not at this point, given that I would be taking on maintainance
> not only of the "port" but also of the application itself.  I'm
> not at all sure that I understand it well enough for that, yet.

In the course of fixing what now appears to be the underlying cause
of and, I have
gotten much more familiar with diskcheckd :)  The patch I've sent
for testing touches only the code and the manpage, but once that
is verified I'll send a larger patch that also updates the Makefile
(and one other).

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