audio/adpcm (Re: FreeBSD unmaintained ports which are currently scheduled for deletion)

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Mon Aug 22 02:54:09 UTC 2011

On -10.01.-28163 14:59, linimon at wrote:
> portname:           audio/adpcm
> description:        An Intel/DVI IMA ADPCM codec library
> maintainer:ports at
> deprecated because: No more public distfiles
> expiration date:    2011-09-01
> build errors:       none.
> overview:
At least in this particular case, I don't think, the removal is warranted.

The public distfiles disappeared not because of a deliberate action by 
the developer or copyright-holder, but simply because the entire is now gone. Sites continue to host the file -- we should 
allow to sort things out with their FTP-server (or, perhaps, 
they intend to offer the same code over HTTP later).


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