Big patches

Helmut Schneider jumper99 at
Fri Aug 19 07:56:03 UTC 2011

Mark Linimon wrote:

> Sorry, I did not see your message and emailed you separately.
> GNATS has a spamcatcher for > 500k messages (mostly this catches
> viruses).  Normally I handle such PRs manually before the cleanup
> process runs, but I forgot to do it this time.  (I only took a
> glance.)
> Does the plist change dramatically every time the ports are updated?


> Is there any way around this if so?  Such large changes put stress
> not only on GNATS (it is, after all, a database), but also on the CVS
> repository when the updates are committed.

I generated the plist in the past but not very long time ago I was told
(and let me quote): "generation the plist is not considered a good
practice" :)

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