sysutils/diskcheckd needs fixing and a maintainer

perryh at perryh at
Thu Aug 18 01:14:01 UTC 2011

Chris Rees <utisoft at> wrote:

> We don't want to provide broken software.

Mark Linimon <linimon at> wrote:

> ... it's obsolete, broken, junk ...

Unless there is more to this than is reported in those two PRs,
I'd call it a considerable exaggeration to describe diskcheckd
as "broken".

  is shown as "closed", so presumably is no longer a problem.

  says "... diskcheckd runs fine when gmirror is not involved ..."
  and then goes on to describe a problem _when diskcheckd is run
  on a component of a gmirror_.

How anyone got from "in some way incompatible with gmirror" to
"broken" escapes me.  One could as well claim that gmirror is
"broken" because it is incompatible with diskcheckd >:->

I'm currently running diskcheckd on an 8.1 gmirrored system with
config file

  /dev/ad0 * * 8192

-- which should be using about 1/6 of that disk's bandwidth -- and
will see what happens when it reaches the end of the disk (sometime
tomorrow).  So far I have not seen any issues.

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